Welcome to START UP SJV

The START UP SJV (STEM Teachers Alliance for Regional Tech thinking through Underrepresented Professional development in the San Joaquin Valley) is an NSF funded project, part of the national CS for All effort. Information about CSforALL is also available on the official website https://www.csforall.org.

The goal of the project is to create a self-sustaining and scalable professional development program to support high school teachers of AP Computer Science A. The project will start in Merced, California, as a partnership between Computer Science researchers/educators from the University of California, Merced, local school administration officials, teacher preparation program staff, and both in-service and pre-service teachers. The START UP SJV program will aim to help teachers improve their own computer programming and computational thinking skills, so that they can better instruct their students.

Prof. Angelo Kyrilov works with local high school students on their coding skills.